Ann Arbor Best in Flow

2023 Jilek Cup Donation Competition
The Miles Jeffrey Roberts Foundation is excited to announce the Dan Jilek Men’s Hockey Tournament “Best in Flow” fundraiser taking place December 5-9th . Four local Ann Arbor High School Men’s Hockey teams including Pioneer, Skyline, Huron, and Father Gabriel Richard will work as teams to raise money for the MJRF Champs Program while competing for the Jilek Cup. Each team needs their communities’ help. FGR, Huron, Pioneer and Skyline have nominated their teammates with the “best flow” to represent them for voting. Please vote for the team you believe has the “best flow”. Each dollar donated equals a vote for your favorite flow team and helps to support the MJRF Mental Health Champions Program expansion across high schools in Washtenaw County. Voting starts November 15th and closes December 8th. Let the flow begin!

If you don’t immediately see your donation reflected on this page, don’t worry, we’ve received it and it will be reflected on this page shortly.

Huron Flows

Skyline Flows

Pioneer Flows

Father Gabriel Richard Flows