MJR Foundation 2020 Scholarship

This scholarship is offered in the memory of Miles Jeffrey Roberts who died by suicide on May 29, 2017. Miles leaves behind a legacy of putting others’ needs in before his own. He was a kind and loving friend that was always available to listen or provide a comforting hug. Suicide remains an epidemic and rates among youth continue to rise in our country, in our State and in our County. In 2017, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported 6,252 deaths by suicide in the United States for people ages 15 to 24, making it the second leading cause of death for this age group. Miles was one of these deaths. Miles’s desire to help others will be memorialized through the recipients of this scholarship. This scholarship is offered by the Miles Jeffrey Roberts Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Scholarship Eligibility

Applicant must:

  • Be a student of this year’s 2020 graduating class of Skyline High School
  • Intend to continue their education at any credentialed institution of higher learning
  • Complete all necessary forms and written essay
  • Provide one or more Letter(s) of Recommendation from a non-family member

Recipient Responsibility and Honor:

  • Scholarship recipients are expected to support mental health and well-being