MJR Foundation 2021 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2021 Miles Jeffrey Roberts Memorial Scholarship winners, Lauren Jules and Jocelyn Dooley! We are delighted to hear about the recipients personal thoughts about mental health and their role for the future development of mental health in Ann Arbor.

How do you maintain a healthy mental well-being?

Lauren: I learned to maintain a healthy mental well being by finding different ways to express my feelings rather than bottling them up like I had done in the past. This could be something like art or having a one on one conversation with someone I trust.
Jocelyn: Maintaining a healthy well-being took a lot of time for me to figure out. It’s about understanding your limits and prioritizing yourself. Investing time and energy daily into doing things that you enjoy and make you happy is extremely important, especially when you have a lot on your plate. I really enjoy activities that allow me to unwind and destress, such as yoga and journaling.

What does winning the MJRF scholarship mean to you and why do you think you are a good role model for mental health in Ann Arbor?

Lauren: Winning the MJRF scholarships really gives me a glimpse of hope for not only myself but the entire community to see the dedication that is now being put into the awareness of mental health. I think I’m a good role model for mental health in Ann Arbor because due to the experiences I’ve had, I personally understand how scary your own mental health can become. Although I am far from perfect, I am a walking example of how things can get better & how important it is to find healthy ways to manage life. That is a message I really want to spread to everyone!
Jocelyn: Winning the MJRF scholarship means the world to me. It gives me the validation that I am continuing to overcome mental barriers and obstacles, and through doing so I’ve been able to invoke positive change by sharing my knowledge and experience. Winning this scholarship proves to me how much I’ve grown as an individual over the past 6 years and demonstrates that if I set my mind and heart to something I can achieve it no matter how intimidating or difficult it might be.